There’s Been a Change…

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Do you know what happens to your brain when it hears the phrase “There’s been a change”?  It immediately prepares you for action.  It gets you ready, almost like a call to action!  Change used to be a bad word.  People didn’t want change because it usually meant something negative or painful.  A loss of a job, a death, an illness, a war.  Just hearing the word “change” used to raise blood pressure.  But not anymore!  Not today!

Today the battle cry for an entire generation of young people is change.  Everything needs to change.  We need to change our rules, our laws, our customs, our past.  There is no end to the change that young people want to see in the world.  Maybe that’s why they are the Changemakers.  For them, change is good.  Change for the environment, change for the under privileged, change for the planet, change in education.  Wait…what?

Yes, change in the way we learn.  We’re finally beginning to realize that education is not a one size fits all proposition.  And finding new ways to learn is producing happy, fulfilled, motivated teenagers who are finally able to relax and be themselves as they learn with ease, excitement and passion!  But not enough parents know about alternative education options.  What they DO know is that they’re supposed to send their kids to school, teach them how to take tests and wish them luck when they’re out in the world.  Well, enough already!

Change is coming!  And it starts right here with Changemaker Teens!  We are excited to announce our new partnership with Changemaker Mums from Australia!  In support of the growing number of teens who are searching for a better way to learn, we are going to be uniting our strengths and raising awareness for alternative learning!  And in order to ensure the safety of our teens, we are going to be returning to a membership site structure, where the site can be locked to outsiders for the security of our members.  Only our Changemaker community will be allowed in!

Why Changemaker Mums, you may be wondering?  It’s pretty simple, really.  Mothers are raising the next generation of Changemakers.  And we have to help each other.  We need a community of Changemaker Mothers who can learn together, laugh together, cry together and fiercely protect our children as they search for, and find, their own learning style and their own true genius – whatever that means to them.

But here’s the thing.  We don’t want any of this to be a struggle or a challenge for the mother or the teen.  We don’t want family conflict or strife – we’re looking for peace and ease.  We want the family unit to thrive, not just survive.  So we are happy and excited to introduce our “Mother’s Sanctuary”, a community of like-minded mothers who are 100% supportive of their teens and tweens who may not be getting the most out of traditional education.

So who’s with us?!?  You’re invited, regardless of where you are on the alternative learning scale.  You may be already fully involved in homeschooling or an alternate learning center, or you may just be starting to dip your toes in the water.  Maybe you’ve never even heard of such a thing and want to learn more about your options.  Wherever you are, we are here to support you!  We’ll help you transition to a family of learners who are exactly where they’re supposed to be!

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