The hidden rewards of buy one/get one promotions!

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Isn’t it fun to suddenly realize that you just helped someone in need without even knowing it? I just came home from the grocery store and was unloading my bags when I came across the bright orange hand soap that I just bought– it was a brand I had never used before, but it caught my eye in the store because it was, well….bright orange!

The container was metal, which was also unusual for soap, so I looked a little closer at the label. At the very top of the bottle, it said “Hand in Hand Sustainable Suds”. Now anything that says sustainable is A-OK with me, so I was happy with my purchase, but now I was curious. I turned the bottle over and it said Buy a Bar, Give a Bar. How great is that? But it gets better…

For every product purchased from Hand in Hand, they donate one bar of soap AND one month of clean water to a child in need!! Honestly!!! I only bought it because I liked the color of the bottle and now look what I’ve done! I’m giving a child a month of clean water!  Feels pretty good!!

100% of their donations go to developing communities and their bottles of soap are all in sustainable packaging made up of infinitely recyclable aluminum. I’ve never even heard of that before! Infinitely recyclable… actually, I guess that is the definition of sustainable, right? Plus, all of their ingredients are Fair Trade ingredients – I’ll never buy Irish Spring soap again! I’m starting to feel like citizen of the month because of my affinity to orange soap bottles!

Seriously though, here’s the point. Even though I didn’t manufacture the soap or the colorful bottles, I am most definitely a part of the solution that Hand in Hand is offering to the world. And you can be too!

Just by participating in whatever these companies offer, you are making a difference. As for me, I will buy Hand in Hand soap for the rest of my life, and I’ll do my best to let others know how they can help too. I am happy to announce that Changemaker Teens Global will have a special page on our website to highlight what these great companies are doing to create solutions to worldwide issues, and we hope that you will help us spread the word!

In the meantime, look for Hand in Hand soap wherever you shop – you can’t miss the bright orange bottle! Who knew that washing your hands could feel so amazing?!?




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