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I heard a sad story the other day. More like a mad story… And I don’t want it to ever happen again so I’m looking for some changemaker teens to take this and run with it.

I have a friend who loves animals more than he likes people.  Seriously.  I think we all have moments like that, but this guy is way over the top!  He’s a shelter dog freak and I think that’s fantastic.  Honestly, the world needs to clone him to save all the strays out there.   He’s one of those people who say his shelter dogs save him as much as he saves the dogs and I totally get that.

But because he can’t adopt all the animals, he decided to support his local shelter financially.  He was going to provide food, beds, blankets, toys, medical care – you name it, he was willing to support it.  He set it all up with the shelter and only requested one thing in return.  ONE THING!!!!!!  (And it was easy for them to provide).  My friend wanted pictures of the animals.  Pictures of them in their beds or snuggled up in a blanket or eating the food.  He wanted pictures just to see that he was really helping, you know?  Not to check up on them, but to see the dogs enjoying his support.

I think that’s brilliant.  And so easy to do.  It’s kind of like those “support a child” organizations around the world that get people to “adopt” a child from some third world country and then they track their progress through pictures and letters.  He wanted to “adopt” a dog (or 20) in the same way.

So my friend kept sending the shelter money and they kept sending him…. Wait for it…. Nothing. They couldn’t be bothered to take some simple pictures on their simple cell phones to keep the desperately needed support coming in.  NOT ONE PICTURE!  Are you kidding me????!!????

So guess what?  After numerous attempts to get them to reciprocate, he stopped sending money.  The support for the shelter ended.  Do you understand?    They couldn’t be bothered.   Sad story? Or mad stoy….  I say yes to both.

But his idea was awesome and I want us to pick it up and run with it.  We need to reach out to our local shelters and ask them to set up a “virtual pet adoption” program.  Offer to give them help with the picture taking and the letters of progress if they will agree to give this a try!


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