How to Transition to Home Based Learning




This 6 week program is a comprehensive support plan designed to help your family transition from traditional education to home-based learning.

This program is for parents who are wondering about:
  • The process required to legally, and mentally, transition their kids from public schools to home based learning.
  • ​Their abilities to homeschool their children
  • Whether their children will thrive in a home-based learning environment
  • If they will be able to afford to be a home school family
We will replace your uncertainty with certainty, giving you confidence that you are making the
right decision for your family.
Your program will include:
  • the information necessary to legally withdraw your child(ren) from the public school system
  • the support needed to “de-school” the entire family (including the participating children, their siblings and also both parents)
  • the guidance you need to set up a new learning environment within your home or to find a suitable alternative learning center.
  • A free genius test to help your young person discover their unique learning style, personality traits and pathway to a successful future.
  • Discounts on the Homeschool Genius Camp- an 8-week camp designed to give home- based learners the opportunity to find their own personalized learning pathway that will ignite their natural genius. This specialized camp creates self-aware, lifelong learners who know how to contribute to global issues and more importantly, the campers ultimately know WHY they want to contribute to global issues.
  • Discounts on the “Passion Project” with Dr. Lance, a unique opportunity for students to explore a student led, inquiry based project that solves a problem and quite possibly could be something that becomes a life-long passion.
  • Access to interactive, virtual learning on the Galileo platform, enabling home based learners of all ages to participate in the specific subjects that ignite a spark within themselves, encouraging further curiosity and natural learning to occur.
  • Assistance in finding (or launching) a Changemaker Learning Dojo in your community, delivering hybrid learning at its best.
  • In-person community learning, combines with virtual online programs to deliver the highest caliber learning experience for children of all age levels.
  • Learning Dojo’s offer support for the parents, in-person friendships for the learners and the expansive world of online learning, all in one convenient location. Oh, and because we’re all changemakers, we help your children change the world too!!!