The Changemaker Way Self-Paced Program


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Every single one of us is a Changemaker!  Designed for teenagers 15 -18; they all have the power to initiate change, whether within themselves or throughout the world.  ‘The Changemaker Way’ program can be facilitated by a parent or self-paced program designed to help their young person discover what makes them come alive and stay alive!  Teens begin with a journey of self-discovery and then use what they have learned to ignite the passion within themselves to create purpose and a life of meaning.  No longer experience the contention of apathy, deception, rejection or attrition within your family,  your teen will want to connect, learn and be self-directed, self-motivated and self-organised learners when they clearly understand themselves better.   The entire process is documented and duplicatable within other communities, so positive change can ignite Changemaker hearts locally or globally!