The Changemaker Way Program for 12-18 year olds




Commencing both in-person and online in MAY 2022

‘The Changemaker Way’ is designed to help young people discover real connection which allows them to come alive and thrive!  From the energy of contention, the teenager often begins their way on the changemaker journey being anxious, bored or confused.  Step one entails profound self-discovery questions and ignites the passion for creating their unique one and ten-year vision.  In step two, they share their hero’s journey to bring together and create a meaningful action plan in step 3.  We now have what it takes for clarity and focus, and the young people can change their own lives, their families and the local community. Step 4 prepares the project for sharing with the world!  If the teenager wants to continue with the process to monetise their passion project and duplicate it, ‘The Changemaker Way’ allows for this in step 6.

The teens meet for 90 minutes over eight sessions at their local Learning Dojo or online.  Both teen and adult mentors will be our guests and share their journey to inspire and inform the learners! The program will follow the downloadable steps of “The Changemaker Way” and allow the teenagers to become crystal clear on what they want and how to get it. Parents attend the last day to see first-hand what their teenager has discovered and how they can support them moving forward. We can’t wait for you to join us!