Coaching for Couples




It’s ok to notice you have different ideas about alternative learning.   Of course, beginning (or improving) a new way of learning is much easier if the entire family is united and excited about the process and the result!  Changing to alternative learning may take some time to master and will be much easier for everyone if you and your significant other are on the same page.  The discovery and alignment of values between a couple or within a family are usually the first steps to moving away from conflict or financial stress and toward greater calm and enhanced communication.  Clarity is your friend.  Your Coach will work with both of you using tailored processes to assist you in discovering how to fulfil your passion and purpose for your life, and genuinely support your partners’ passion and purpose, both with the ultimate intention to ‘be the change’ and create space for your young person and to discover and fulfil their passion and purpose in the ideal learning environment.  Ultimately your whole family will experience new levels of closeness, joy and ease as your young ones feel safe to thrive in their home-based learning environment!  Start with one 90 minute session and work out a plan of transformation with your coach – you will end Couples Coaching, certain you are doing the right thing.