How to Coach Your Self Directed Learner




This 4 week program is for you if you have already made the switch to home-based learning, but feel like you could do more as a parent. Actually, you can! Let us coach you on how to be a coach/mentor for your self-directed learner. You won’t believe the results!!

Home based learning is not always easy for the parent OR for the learner. It’s not as simple as getting off the school bus one day and opening your books on the dining room table the next. It’s a process and it is different for every family. Each young person is unique and has his/her own personality and learning style. And more than likely, it is different for each child within the same family! So, if you began home schooling abruptly or without guidance, you may have hit some bumps in the road. That’s why we’re here. Maybe your child is taking the freedom of home-based learning too literally and won’t get off the couch. Or won’t put down the video game controller. Or won’t wake up before noon. Maybe he is on the spectrum or she has ADD and can’t concentrate. Maybe they miss their friends and are upset that they are no longer in the classroom setting. And maybe YOU are getting worn out and frustrated because you don’t know how to get them to listen to you and do what you say. To be honest, you are just not sure that you’re doing this right. Whatever your challenge, we are here to support you.
Your program will include:
  • Four personalized coaching sessions to identify your specific challenge(s) to get to a starting point
  • A plan to get your family on the same page moving forward, regardless of what you may be feeling now
  • Guidance on learning how to hold the space for your child(ren) as they navigate the world of self-directed learning, with the emphasis on “SELF” directed, not Mom or Dad directed!
  • A solid foundation for your family, regardless of where you are now. If de-schooling is required or incomplete, we will help you continue that process until all family members are comfortable and satisfied with how you plan to support your children in their home based learning environment
  • Help with establishing effective communication in your home between all family members, especially between parent and learner.
  • Effective listening tools and techniques, necessary for a satisfying home based learning environment
  • Guidance on how to ask the right questions to help your learner sort out their feelings, emotions and curiosity regarding what to learn and how to learn
  • How to be a coach to your child, supporting them from the sidelines, but cheering them on as they run their own race. It also means picking them up when they fall and allowing them to decide the best option moving forward when things don’t go as planned.