How You Can Earn, While They Learn




This 12 week program is for parents who are excited about the extra “income earning” opportunities that are available when a family commits to home based learning. We also recognize that there are also families who are concerned with the financial challenges that may occur if a parent must give up a paid position to be home with their children during home based learning. Either way, we can help your family thrive and you’re going to love how we bring clarity to your options!

Homeschooling Mom’s (and Dad’s) are not the type of parents who sit on the couch eating bon bons all day. We already know that. You are active participants in the education of your children and are home schooling because you are not satisfied with traditional education for whatever reason. We applaud you! Your children will benefit from your selfless action. But having said that, we also know that you may have had to give up a good paying job or even a career to be available for your child(ren) as they learn at home. Or maybe you see this as an opportunity to do a little learning and growing yourself!
We hear you! And we’re on it!
This 12 week program will help you see opportunities that you didn’t even know existed! While your children are discovering their interests and passions, you will be discovering your own… Our coaches will work with you to ignite, or perhaps discover for the first time, the spark that lies dormant within you. And then we can help you find ways to turn that passion into an income!
One of the most exciting income building opportunities lies within your own 4 walls – We are constantly looking for new locations for our Changemaker Learning Dojo’s and if you are already actively involved in the education of your own children, why not invite a few more to the party?? We can help you launch your own dojo, provide an invaluable service to the young people in your community (and around the world….details within the program!!) and earn extra money, all while feeling great about your contribution to the world!
Your program will include:
  • One on one individualized coaching to help you discover your purpose/passion
  • Help with identifying ways to monetize your purpose
  • Personalized guidance regarding earning an income that is associated with home-based learning
  • Finding options that fit your family lifestyle and needs
  • Guidance in establishing an income that is flexible and suitable for traveling, for homeschool families on the move
  • Support in identifying financial issues that may be blocking you or holding you back from your best life
  • Support in launching your own Changemaker Learning Dojo
  • Guidance in creating online, virtual courses using your own expertise and passions to add to the Galileo Global Online Learning Platform, sharing your brilliance and earning an income, all while helping to educate the world.