Welcome entrepreneurial go-getters!! Have we got a deal for you! We’re looking for business savvy, energetic, highly motivated parents and teachers who are interested in changing the way the world learns, all while making a nice living for themselves! We’re talking about you if you see yourself as the proud owner of a Changemaker Learning Dojo, using your passions and creativity to build a learning environment that helps students thrive as they pursue self-directed learning opportunities. If you have been questioning the traditional education model for a while now, but especially during the trials of Covid, we may have the answer for you. With our system of support, you can personalize your Learning Dojo to reflect why you got into teaching (or parenting) in the first place! If you’re ready, Let’s GO!!!!

Plan includes six 90 minute sessions ($160AUD per session) of private coaching to help you get your dojo set up and going using the “Changemaker Way”!