An Invitation




If you found your way here, you are most likely a parent or educator (or parent who is an educator ) who is intrigued by the idea of self-directed, passion-based , even passion-project learning.   You may want to look around and get a feel for this new way of learning, or maybe it already feels ok. You may want to know why ”The Changemaker Way’ and the social setting of a Dojo will be right for you as role of facilitator/coach.  Or you may want to make sure that this will suit the young person in your life.

Please accept our invitation to get to know us first and join us in our private group “Raising Changemakers ~ InspirED Way to Learn & Earn”. Here you can  learn what we’re all about without spending a dime! If you’re a teacher, we would love for you to see what other educators are doing to keep their love of teaching alive, while also watching the spark return to the eyes of their grateful students!! If you’re a parent, we welcome you to our community to see how life changing and beneficial self-directed, dojo-based learning can be!