• Lance Box, PhD
    Lance Box, PhD Changemaker Consultant

    Dr Lance Alan Box, PhD (Education), CSP

    Lance’s super power is working with young people and adults who have been left behind by the schooling system. His passion is giving the gift of reading to people through writing. He believes that if you teach writing, reading will happen as a by-product of the writing process. The topic of his PhD dissertation was deschooling/unschooling. His purpose is to pursue ‘Quality Education’, not as defined by the United Nations, but in the context of the proposition that schooling and education are two entirely different things. Lance has worked in the schooling system for over 30 years at all levels from preschool to working with adults in the Australian TAFE (Tertiary and Further Education) system. He has been a classroom teacher and a school administrator in both the private and government systems.

Passion Projects are student-led, inquiry-based, projects that are excellent opportunities for your learner (student) to explore something that they would love to solve. It is an opportunity for a young person to take the lead and direct an inquiry into something that they suspect might be life-long passion. If you are interested in learning more about a 10 week Mentoring Passion Project with our senior coach Dr. Lance Box, simply complete this form and one of our Changemaker team members will be in touch!

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