Thanks Mom, I love you…

Five words that are routinely spoken on a daily basis to countless Moms (and Dads). Five little words that most parents dismiss without so much as a second thought. But five words that I cannot hear without being overwhelmed with emotion. Because there was a time when I didn’t think I would ever hear those words again.

My daughter and I have emerged from a very difficult teenage journey with a relationship that is better, stronger and with more mutual respect than I ever thought humanly possible. And every time she ends a conversation with “I love you”, my heart melts because I so desperately love her back.

I have to admit…I was a little surprised that I was having such a hard time. After all, I was a Certified Life Coach with specialized training in the parent/teen relationship. I was supposed to have all the answers. I was supposed to help other parents get through the tough times. Yet there I was…struggling as much as the next Mom.

But I now realize that it had to happen that way. All the training in the world couldn’t have prepared me for the fear, uncertainty and hopelessness that I experienced during those dark days. I guess I just had to live through it before I could honestly help others.

So here I am! Ready to share everything I have learned with all of you! And it’s more than just how to survive the parent/teen issues that we all face. It’s about helping our teens to really fly! It’s about preparing them to live an extraordinary life that is perfectly suited to their skills, talents, interests and dreams!

And as an added bonus, we hope to get them thinking about the “Big Picture” and how their life path can be used to bring change to the way we do things, how we take care of each other, our animals, our environment and the planet! It’s all great stuff!

I invite you to get your families, youth groups, community centers, schools and all the teens you know involved in our effort. The world is waiting for us. We need you, and would be honored if you would join us!!!