My discovery of the tremendous power of Life Coaching through the well-timed questioning of a close friend which sparked a hunger for the knowledge and skills to help mothers and young people liberate their lives.  Undertaking extensive training and continually researching, putting my knowledge and skills into practice to ensure what I she learned actually made a difference and allowed me to see my clients and community thrive, whilst at the same time being in alignment with my passion and purpose.

It was years later I was told one of my sons was not writing and the other was not focusing at school, I boldly left a six-figure corporate role to homeschool them. What was only meant to be for seven months building confidence, resilience, and willingness to learn, transformed into my absolute certainty that education is to be enjoyed using a purpose-based approach.  Tapping into learnings from homeschooling, leadership roles, holistic coaching, and training the ‘10 keys of Global Change’ were discovered and now continues to be key to me assisting Linda grow our community – Changemaker Teens and their Mothers Sanctuary. Designing coaching and training programs allows mothers and their teens to overcome generational struggles and create a life of ease and joy.  Changemaker Teens and the philosophy of ‘Being the Change’ allows me a way to meet my why.

I have been described by audiences as being thought-provoking, uplifting, and having a passionate style that leaves them asking for more.  Described also as the wise old woman in the tribe who has a conversation with your mind whilst listening to your soul.  With over 30 years’ experience in personal development and lifestyle mentoring, it is now an honour and privilege to partner with Changemaker Teens as an Edupreneur, Genius Coach, Presenter, and Speaker.

Heidi C – x