Ask a Senior in High School what they want to do with their life and chances are you’ll hear something that isn’t exactly laser focused. Do you know why? Because they’re just a high school student! I think we have the system all wrong. High school graduates should spend at least a few years working, shadowing and being mentored in career interests and THEN spend the $200,000 on a ridiculously expensive college degree.

But nobody asked me, so the reverse is usually the case. Kids (and their parents) sign loan after loan after loan until the student realizes halfway through college that they want a “do over”, which usually means changing a major and adding another year (or more) to the degree. I’ve been through this twice so far with two more to go.

The “Life Direction Program” was created to give kids an upper hand before they start signing student loans. The goal is to have kids sit down and answer specifically designed questions that will open their eyes, their minds and their hearts.

These answers are recorded and asked again later. Maybe a week later, maybe again in another month…there’s no requirement here! The point is to be spontaneous and quick to answer. Teens should then start looking for themes to emerge. What kinds of things get them fired up? What are they naturally good at? What do they absolutely despise? Do they like working with their hands? With people? Animals? Numbers?

These themes and answers are then used to determine a life direction that gets them pumped up and excited about their life and future! And the best part? They may come up with ideas that they wouldn’t have ever thought of before!

These questions are gold. Review your answers often, see if they change or stay consistent. Look for themes and then truly figure out what’s calling you!

Program Materials


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