Life After COVID-19

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We need to get “back to normal”! Life has to go back to “the way it was”! I can’t wait until it’s “business as usual”.

That’s all I’m hearing these days. Everyone wants to hurry up and get past this Coronavirus (myself included). And everybody wants to pick up where we left off…before we were locked in our homes, unable to work, socialize, or live life on our terms.

Well, almost everybody. I read a social media post the other day from a fed-up teen who had other ideas. Yes, of course he wanted to put COVID-19 in his rear view mirror, but he most definitely did NOT want everything to return to normal. In fact, I believe his exact words were “Everything was shi**y before this virus – why would we want to go back to that”?

Wow! I almost thought “out of the mouths of babes”, but teens aren’t babes. And they’re actually much smarter than we give them credit for. In fact, this teen makes a very valid point. And I couldn’t agree more. 

This temporary pause in our daily life should give us pause for thought. Two months ago, we were rushing around, taking everything for granted, ignoring each other as we selfishly pursued our own agendas without the slightest concern for our neighbors, our endangered animals and our environment.

But just look at us now…doctors and nurses are risking their lives to save their patients. They are willingly exposing themselves to this terrifying virus because it’s what they are called to do. But there’s more…pharmacists and grocery store clerks and janitors and EMT’s and police officers and first responders are all risking their lives for their fellow humans. Home health aids and people working at McDonalds…all risking their lives to serve others.

Teenagers who normally live for parties and social gatherings are staying home to reduce the risk of passing the virus to older family members, or to the people in their communities with underlying medical conditions. Dare I say we’re starting to care about each other??? We’re suddenly finding other ways to connect with each other and we’re realizing how important that is.  We’re starting to think that maybe the simple act of going to a movie or meeting a friend for a drink is something we should cherish, not take for granted.

And have you seen how wildlife is flourishing now that we’ve all gone back inside our homes? Without humans on the beaches, the endangered sea turtles have been able to lay 60 million eggs!!!  Sixty million!!! That’s a lot of baby sea turtles!! And Yosemite is an absolute playground for wild animals now! They’re coming out of the woodwork…well, out of the woods anyway!

And the blue sky!!! Young people in China are seeing blue sky for the first time in their lives! Parents are racing outside with their kids to show them what white puffy clouds look like. Without the thick smog, it’s a different world now. People in India are seeing the Himalaya Mountain Range for the first time in decades. It’s visible from 100 miles away without the pollution! Even the sky above LA has turned a beautiful deep blue.

Return to the way it was? Go back to normal? WHY would we want to do that??? In fact, we should do everything in our power to not go back to business as usual. And I’m hoping that our teens will lead the world to a “new” normal, a normal that makes sense for everyone. Let’s not forget the lessons that we are learning with the Coronavirus. Yes, it’s tough and scary right now, but there are bright spots popping up all over the place. We just have to pay attention and notice!

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