There sure is a lot of educational uncertainty in the world today… One thing is crystal clear, though. Education as we know it is changing. Traditional schools, with their mandated curriculums and strict bathroom policies, are giving way to the freedom of home based, self-directed learning. This transition, however, comes with many questions as teachers, parents and even students try to find where they all fit in. Everywhere we look, passionate teachers are looking for students and concerned parents are looking for educators!

Allow us to introduce you to each other in a way that benefits everyone!  Together we can create a world class education for the next generation of young learners in the comfort of a dojo style learning environment.



You’re trying to hold it together as you helplessly watch your child lose interest in school and learning.

You try everything to get your son/daughter out of bed and ready for the day

You’re frustrated with homework and study battles

Your child is refusing to go to school, not doing homework, withdrawing from family, showing no interest in the future

Dad is getting more and more frustrated with daily battles and struggles



You have so much passion for teaching still inside of you, but you feel trapped in an archaic system that weighs you down.

Your students are just as trapped as your are, losing interest in a curriculum that means nothing to them

You dream of the possibility of sharing your passion with students who are just as eager to learn as you are to teach….

You would love to step out on your own, but you don’t see how you could ever give up your current income and still put food on the table

My child is struggling

Everyday is a fight to get him out of bed to get ready for school. He doesn’t want to talk about the future. His grades are plummeting and his teachers are noticing a change in behavior. I’m scared that I’m losing him. I need to do something, but all I feel is anxiety and pressure.

Who do I need to be?

So much is at stake here, your child’s future is on the line and you know you can’t mess it up. But you’re overwhelmed and nothing seems to be working. You are scared of your own voice and truth and you need to find hope, but don’t know where to look for it.

I want ease and joy

I want ease and joy to be part of our daily lives, but don’t know how to make that happen. I want my happy family back but there’s too much “have to, musts and hurry ups” in our day. How do I bring a sense of calm and peace back into my home, while still raising a responsible, independent young adult who is excited about his/her future?

If any of this sounds familiar, a Changemaker Learning Dojo may be the perfect answer! Whether you are a parent or a teacher, book a complimentary Discovery Call today to learn about the magical transformation that is possible when children transition to home based learning. And when we say “home”, we mean a nurturing, supportive, next-gen environment! You, the dojo owner or facilitator, get to decide what that looks like. Let’s get you started on an educational pathway that makes sense for everyone!

There is another way!

Parents AND Teachers will see life changing results within their families and professional careers when daily stress is replaced with purpose and passion based teaching and learning!

  • Children are thriving.
  • They are participating in their own learning experience, using their own genius, that YOU helped them discover.
  • Young people are engaging in family activities again.
  • The morning battle is over and students are excited to get out of bed because they look forward to going to school, whatever that looks like for him or her.
  • Whole families are thriving because they are in flow – nothing is forced, yet things are still getting done…on time and without the attitude.

Welcome to the Changemaker Way of hybrid learning!! Here you will find that education is not a race… Everyone here is free to learn at their own pace and in their own unique way.  We believe that the best education occurs when the learner is shown unconditional love from educators, either parents OR teachers, who are simply holding the space for them to find their own pathway in life.

To this end, parents and teachers can dip their toes in the water or dive in with everything they’ve got when it comes to joining the evolution of education. Our Changemaker Learning Dojo packages and support programs have something for everyone: parents, educators, teenagers… even young children who are just starting out on their life of learning! For more information on starting a Changemaker Learning Dojo, click on the “Learning Dojo” menu tab, OR join us for a scheduled information session for teachers and parents by clicking on the “Learn More” button at the bottom of this page. Together we will help you find the best pathway to a successful home-based learning experience for your young learners while also supporting your entrepreneurial efforts at the same time!

Onward with ease the Changemaker way!!


Beginning (or improving) a new way of learning is much easier if the entire family is united and excited about the process and the end result! Home based education may take some time to master and will be much easier for everyone if you and your significant other are on the same page…Discovery and alignment of values between a couple or within a family is usually one of the first steps to moving away from conflict or financial stress and toward greater calm and enhanced communication in regards to home based learning.  Your Coach will work with both of you using tailored processes to assist you in discovering how to support and fulfill your own, and each other’s, vision of the ideal educational setting for your children.  Ultimately your whole family will experience new levels of closeness, joy and ease as your young ones feel safe to thrive in their home based learning environment!

Couples Coaching: $160 AUD for a 90 minute session.



Are you here because:
  • you’ve had a great idea for a learning centre business but don’t know how to get started?
  • The brilliant business idea you had just doesn’t seem to want to “take off?”
  • Your dream has stalled while you try to uncover your next step?
  • The money just isn’t pouring in as you imagined it would?
  • Problems with employees?
  • Problems with communication?
  • Marketing Challenges?
If you can identify with any of these you’re in the right place!
Your Changemaker Coach can help you find solutions to all of these situations (and more) by working with you to develop a Vision and Purpose for your learning centre business so that you can clearly see what steps you need to take to reap the reward of financial prosperity for working in the Business you love!
Learning Centre Owner Coaching: $160 AUD per 90 minute session




Changemaker Connect Community – A 4 month Group Coaching Program MONDAY NIGHT 8PM AEST
The challenges for working mothers, whether single or in a partnership, may seem to increase significantly as home based learning is introduced to a family. Let us support you as you meet these challenges head-on while creating a learning environment that is intentionally designed to be exactly what your children need to discover their greatest potential!
By helping your young person identify their passions, purpose and unique learning style, you will be setting them up for a lifelong love of learning that will serve them well as adults. Our group coaching will provide a safe place for you to transition out of public education and begin your journey in self-directed, home-based learning. You will learn how to become a supportive “coach” for your child, helping him or her to be the best version of themselves as they discover what makes them feel truly alive and happy!
How good will it be to feel supported, re-energised and to find the peace and joy you thought you’d left behind when you started this new educational journey?  Join our Changemaker Connect Community to find out!
Community Group Coaching: $176 AUD for 4 month session



Welcome entrepreneurial go-getters!! Have we got a deal for you! We’re looking for business savvy, energetic, highly motivated parents and teachers who are interested in changing the way the world learns, all while making a nice living for themselves! We’re talking about you if you see yourself as the proud owner of a Changemaker Learning Dojo, using your passions and creativity to build a learning environment that helps students thrive as they pursue self-directed learning opportunities. If you have been questioning the traditional education model for a while now, but especially during the trials of Covid, we may have the answer for you. With our system of support, you can personalize your Learning Dojo to reflect why you got into teaching (or parenting) in the first place! If you’re ready, Let’s GO!!!!

Plan includes six 90 minute sessions ($160AUD per session) of private coaching to help you get your dojo set up and going using the “Changemaker Way”!


We are on a mission to be at the forefront of the global educational rEvolution, expertly bringing parents and teachers together as they leave traditional education. We guide and support them as they transition to a nurturing, hybrid, dojo-based  model that is destined to be the future of learning!

A Changemaker Learning Dojo is perfect for parents and teachers who:

  • Are not happy with the increasing tension in their home or classroom as their children get frustrated and agitated with school
  • Want to hold space for their students as they find their own way toward a meaningful future
  • Want to understand who they need to be, to be the person their student/child needs the most right now
  • Want to learn about the options available for alternative education
  • Are looking for a new way to step up for their children/students
  • Are tired of forcing behaviors and outcomes
  • Are looking for the perfect educator for their child’s individual needs or are looking for the perfect students for their dojo
  • Want to BE the change for their struggling children/students
  • Are hoping to model ease and joy within their family and classroom, causing everyone to thrive


We are here to support and guide parents and teachers as they transition out of public education, even if that involved some capacity of traditional homeschooling. If you want an innovative, next-gen dojo-based learning model that is great for your family, career AND our planet, the time is NOW!!