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Every time I see a Koala bear with burned fur or bandages on his paws, my heart breaks into a million pieces. These Australian wildfires are KILLING me…. I literally cannot stand to see or hear the evening news anymore because the images haunt me well into the night. If I had the financial resources to take a leave from my job, I would jump on a flight to the other side of the world and find a way to help save all the precious animals that are in grave danger due to the relentless fires.

And apparently, I’m not alone. Volunteers in Australia are herding whatever animals they can get their hands on and loading them into their cars and trucks to bring them to safety. Clinics are overflowing with injured animals and when the call went out to the world asking for supplies to help these little guys, the world came through. In fact, there was such an incredible response to the request for supplies, they can’t accept anymore! They have no more room to store all that was so generously offered!

At least that gives my heart a reason to hope. As Mr. Rogers said long ago, “look for the helpers”. In every tragedy, there are people who run toward the danger, offering whatever help they can. The good news is that there are countless ways to help whenever there is a need and you don’t have to be physically in the same geographic area to lend a hand.

Financial assistance, supplies, expertise, organizational skills, emotional support…. Pick one and get started! We all have a purpose in life and we all have a gift, whether we know what is yet or not. If you feel a calling to offer whatever help you can to a cause that means something to you on a deep level, then consider yourself blessed. Too many people stand around, wringing their hands, lamenting that the problem, whatever it is, is too big for them to do anything about.

NOT TRUE!!!!!!! The world needs changemakers and helpers and we need them now! Just look around and you will see hundreds of opportunities for someone like you to make a difference… teen suicides, bullying, disabled vets, overflowing landfills, animals injured in wildfires. I’m telling you there is no shortage of pain and suffering in this world. And If you agree, but don’t have a clear idea of the direction you want to take in your life, visit www.changemakerteens.com for an innovative, thought provoking guide to discovering your life’s purpose and passion.

The koalas and baby kangaroos are waiting for you…..

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