Great Things Are On The Horizon!

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Ahhh, a new year. Finally!!! Out with the old, in with the new. I think most people would join me in saying adios to 2020 (and maybe give it a swift kick on the way out). But if there’s one thing we’ve learned in this year of incredible personal and economic loss, it’s that we need each other now more than ever before.
Change is everywhere. Some temporary and some, sadly…permanent. We have no choice but to get the pandemic under control, pick up the pieces and move forward with our lives. And Changemaker Teens is 100% onboard.
In fact, we have some pretty cool announcements for you in 2021. First, we want you to know that our membership is now absolutely, positively free to anyone and everyone who wants to bring purpose and meaning into their lives in 2021 and beyond! We have partnered with the Canandaigua National Bank and the Finger Lakes Area Community Endowment (FLACE) to enable us to operate as a nonprofit, effective immediately!
So what does this mean to you?? Well, for starters, it’s a lot simpler. Just jump online and get started. Everything within our membership site is now available to everyone! If you’re a parent, the door to the Parent Sanctuary is wide open. If you are a youth minister, go ahead and grab the companion “sermon series” available to our members. If you’re a teen, you’re in! Just get started!! Poor, broke college student? No problem….it’s all FREEEEEEEE!!!
And another new development for 2021 is that we’re partnering with some pretty fantastic organizations with the same motivation/mission as Changemaker Teens. Basically, we all want to make the world a better place for our teens (and the causes they care about), so the more the merrier, right?!
Of course, as with any nonprofit, we are graciously accepting donations from those who are able to contribute to help us keep the lights on and our computers humming. Check out our website for more info on how you can help! And finally, sign up for our newsletter for more details on the new and improved (and FREEEE) Changemaker Teens!
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