Welcome to where the rubber meets the road… It’s ACTION time!  Whether you are here to save the world or save yourself, you are at the right place!  Click on the “Life Action Plan” below to begin turning your vision into reality.  Then, depending on your goals, click on the resources that interest you and start making some informed decisions that will lead to a fantastic future!

Life Action Plan

A step by step action plan to continue building the momentum you created while discovering your life direction and life vision.  This plan is designed to keep you moving and working toward the career that you were born to pursue!

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Changemaker Careers

Here you will find some of the best ways to get paid for making a difference and changing the world. All are focused on making the world a better place, but you may be surprised at how many traditional careers actually fall into this category.  Whether or not you started out with the goal of becoming a changemaker, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how many careers will help you contribute to a better future for humanity and our ailing planet!

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Starting Your Own Business

For those of you who completed the Life Direction Program and realized you were destined to own a business, this resource is for you!  It includes a business start up guide, a marketing guide, how to write a business plan and funding ideas for your business.  The world needs your ideas!  Stop dreaming and start creating!!

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Parent Changemaker Challenge

Welcome parents, counselors, mentors, teachers youth leaders or anyone who works with teens and young adults! This 21 day challenge will help you understand the 7 things teens say they need from the adults in their lives.  We then show you how to address each of these requests to help you improve your relationships with teens and future generations.

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Helpful Organizations

A plentiful list of organizations and non-profits that have started many great changes to those in need. Get involved or use them as inspiration to start your own!

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Check out internship opportunities here. These are perfect for teens looking to be active changemakers, but are also ideal for those with more traditional career goals in mind, as long as you don’t mind helping others along the way!

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Gap Year Programs

Gap year programs are becoming increasingly popular for  teens  looking to deepen their awareness and find direction in their lives. We refer to them as a year “on” rather than a year “off” due to the many benefits. Click to find out more!

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