• Jodie Chandler
    Jodie Chandler Coach

    I am a Genius School Educator and Flow Consultant and as a Life Coach I have mastered in CBT, Art therapy, mindfulness, Anxiety and dyslexia. I am a Positive Art Coach who can’t wait to start you on your Art for relaxation journey.

    At our Studio we run workshops and classes to teach kids these skills and we have designed a program to help other parents who are also in the same boat we were.

    We know not every one is in the situation that they can stay at home to educate your child at home, we are extremely lucky to be able to go on this journey, but we have found tools to help our child these include nature study, yoga, meditation, reading aloud, art, art and more art.

    Brain tools to retrain the brain and we are here to share our tools to help you with your journey.

    These are all tools you can add to your life to help your child.

    We run workshops for parents to learn the tools to use at home with their kids. We believe everyone has to be on the same page.

    That is why we need to work together so we can find the SuperPowers together.

  • Kerri Spiridonos
    Kerri Spiridonos Teen Health Coach

    The Deal Maker | Blaze

    Working within the Early Childhood Industry for 10 years gave me the understanding that every child is unique in their own way, curious, and eager to learn. It was through my experience working within the childcare industry that my passion for children’s well-being grew. I grew up without the knowledge of how important it is to fuel your body with healthy foods. I was unaware of the impact it makes on your mind and body, which led me to unhealthy habits which then led me to obesity at an early age.

    My mission is to help children develop a healthy lifestyle at a young age so that they can be the best version of themselves and have a positive impact on the world. Now I believe that my mission is more important as the education system isn’t providing enough knowledge around children having a healthy relationship with food. I am now able to work within my purpose which aligns with my values. I believe we need to come together as a collective so that we can create a world where everybody shines!  Creating healthy patterns in teens will then give them the opportunity to feel confident in their skin, aware of who they and be able to create a healthy future.

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