• Stacie Herrera
    Stacie Herrera Coach

    Dr. Stacie Herrera Licensed School Psychologist in private practice. Dr. Herrera owns Herrera Psychology, a group practice located in Osprey, Florida providing private therapy, evaluations, and college coaching for children and adolescents. Having received a doctorate in school psychology, Dr. Herrera has advanced training in the assessment of a school-aged child’s learning and coping abilities. She believes that through increased understanding of how we learn and communicate we can create effective educational environments and relationships essential for growth and development.

    Dr. Herrera also owns Telement, a company partnering with schools to provide in-school virtual therapy support for at-risk students via telehealth. Her training gave her the knowledge and ability to work within the school system, providing support to students in the environment in which they spend the majority of their time. Research indicates that students receive most of the mental and behavioral support within the school setting. Thus, Telement is designed to connect more therapists with students in the school setting.

    As a mother of four college-age children, Dr. Herrera is very familiar with supporting loved ones through stressful moments. Dr. Herrera is well versed in taking the perspective of parent, child, teacher, or student to assist in increasing effective communication between all parties. Within the school setting, she provides support to students and teachers on how to manage anxiety during uncertain times.
    Given the current pandemic and increasing reports of emotional distress, Dr. Herrera’s mission of reducing barriers to therapeutic support has become more urgent. Through her businesses and personal connections, Dr. Herrera hopes to pave the way for youth emotional health and personal growth.

    Dr. Herrera believes in prevention and psychoeducation to facilitate environments in which children can flourish. She is available to speak at conferences, meetings, schools, retreats, and other special events.

  • Susan Ritter
    Susan Ritter Coach

    Steel Energy | Accumulator

    Susan is a global entrepreneur, world traveller and homeschool mum (world-schooler) to a wonderful teenager. She lives in her natural tempo flow by accumulating knowledge, experience and wealth in diverse life projects. Following a 20+ year career as a senior project manager in the nuclear industry and building a secure financial future through personal wealth creation, she is bringing her talents and experience as mentor to professional and entrepreneurial women around the world. As founder of Wealthy Wise Woman, Susan creates a safe place for women to learn and share their journey to financial freedom utilizing a variety of short and long-term courses, private and group mentoring sessions, private community and annual retreats. By sharing her values of personal responsibility and accountability for financial well-being as well as the freedom to make choices and have an impact on the world, Susan is demonstrating that anyone can choose to live the life they dream of living and make the world a better place for themselves and those around them.

  • Gladys Tan
    Gladys Tan Coach

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