Why does “Trickle UP” Compassion work?


Trickle up Compassion is incredibly effective because we use the life experiences, pain, struggles and successes of teens and tweens who have just lived through what we are trying to teach. These teens have a gold mine of information floating around in their brains – maybe they were bullied or abused. Maybe THEY were a bully. Maybe our teen has struggled with addiction, or had an abortion at 13.  Maybe they had a tough family life…

Or, maybe someone was kind to them when they needed it, or someone helped them fit in when they seemed out of place.  Maybe someone picked them for the kickball team and made them feel wanted.

Whatever it is, here’s the bottom line:  If only teenagers were taught compassion and empathy as  5 year olds, maybe their lives would have been easier.   If someone would have told them first hand how their actions might affect other people, how their words might make other people feel or even how to ignore what other people say….

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