So what exactly is the role of the adult in the “Trickle UP” Compassion Signature System?


A “Changemaker Adult” is someone who understands the love that a parent has for their child, while also feeling a concern for the world that their child will grow up in. We are a group of Parents, Caregivers, Counselors, Ministers, Teachers, and Coaches who realize that the children and teens of today face challenges that did not even exist for earlier generations. Our goal is to do everything we can to help our teens meet and overcome these challenges with strength, compassion and kindness. We are not willing to stand by and watch our children be pressured into a lifetime of drugs, alcohol and bad choices. AND we’re smart enough to know that we are talking about life and death situations here. We are Changemaker Adults because we want to teach our teens, pre-teens and young children how to find practical, realistic ways to use compassion and kindness to change their future and their world.







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