Eating to save the planet!

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How are you feeling these days? Full of energy and ambition? Is there a spring in your step as you go about your day? Or are you ready for a nap by 10am and going downhill from there, like most people I know? What the heck is going on???? Why are so many people sleeping through life, not even caring that their get up and go, got up and went? I think I may know what’s happening and thankfully, there is something we can do about it.

How would you like to make a personal change that will not only have a huge impact on your own health and well-being, but also make a huge difference in the health and well-being of our planet at the same time?  Doesn’t that sound amazing? And maybe a little impossible?

Well, it’s actually very possible and pretty simple too…. I’m talking about changing the way we eat, taking a step back from the unhealthy meat, dairy, sugar, highly processed foods and junk diet that so many are eating right now and trying something different. It’s actually critical that we make a change. The typical modern-day diet is killing us, and what’s worse…it’s killing our planet too.

For people:

  • Obesity is at an all -time high
  • Over medicating is the rule, not the exception.
  • Our health care system is broken and needs a major reset
  • Diseases like cancer, diabetes and autoimmune illnesses are sky high
  • Mental health issues like depression, anxiety and inability to focus are as common as the common cold
  • Violence is escalating everywhere

And our beloved planet?

  • We’re running out of water
  • We’re running out of food
  • We’re cutting down all of our trees and depleting the soil of all nutrients
  • Our climate is changing, causing wild and deadly weather fluctuations
  • Our animals are suffering
  • We’re running out of energy
  • Our species is in grave danger

So what can we do about all of this? It’s simple. Have you ever heard of the “whole food plant based” way of eating?  It’s one of the most important steps that a person can take to ensure a healthier future. And it turns out, our planet needs it as much as we do.

Here’s the deal…the production of animal based foods requires on average of 10 times more land, water and energy per calorie, compared to the same amount of healthier plant-based foods. That’s an enormous difference! We just don’t have enough real-estate available to feed all the people in the world the typical western diet, even if we had the money and the resources to make it happen! I guess this is why we’re looking at Mars.

Something must be done. We need to spread the word that there is a better way. A new way of eating that will make people healthier, trimmer, more energetic, less depressed, less anxious, less suicidal…. Do I need to go on?

We need to get our land back, increase our water supplies, calm down our violent weather! It’s as simple as changing the way the world eats. Now how are we going to make this happen? Let’s get to work!






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