Dream Bigger!

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In this age of skyrocketing suicides, poor career satisfaction, mountains of student loan debt, and mediocre happiness, let’s do something to help our teens.  Let’s help them dream about their future. And then let’s get them to dream even bigger! Let’s get them to think about their futures more than they think about what kind of used car to buy. Let’s start asking them questions and have them begin writing down their answers.  And if you think that’s not important, consider this…. 

Psychologists studied the Harvard graduating class of 1954 for a 20 year period.  They were interested in how many of the graduates had written goals and plans and whether it had made a difference in how successful they were later in life.  It turns out that only 3 percent of the graduates actually took the time to write down their goals for the future. The other 97% just rolled the dice. 

Can you take a guess as to what happened to the 3%? After 20 years, the collective net worth of the 3% was greater than the net worth of the entire rest of the class combined!!!  And they also measured higher on questionnaires about life satisfaction and other subjective indicators of success. 

Coincidence?? Did they just get lucky? Absolutely not!!!! Planning your future and writing down your goals makes a HUGE difference in your life! Writing down your vision for the future makes it a possibility! A written vision provides you with the clarity that may be missing if you just dream up something in your imagination. A written goal helps your teen or young adult find the power and energy that it takes to transform their behavior in order to manifest the purposeful life that they desire, and that WE desire for them.

Parents, teachers, counselors, youth group leaders…. anyone who works or lives with teens and young adults can absolutely make a difference in their lives.  The simple act of asking questions and taking an interest in their answers can jump start an amazing career! You may even spark an interest in them that they didn’t even know they had!  Start asking and get them to start dreaming!!!

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