How are you feeling about the “new to you” world of home based learning? We know it’s tricky….you may be feeling stressed, confused, exhausted and/or overwhelmed. You may even be wondering if you are doing the right thing for your young person.

There are so many wonderful homeschool sites out there with endless amounts of information available to you, but where do you start??? Actually, maybe the first thing you should do is stop. Stop scrolling through the mountains of information and talk to a real person instead. No matter where you re in the world, we can help you sort through it all and make the best decision for your family.

Find out about the alternative learning options that are available for your unique family situation by booking a complimentary Discovery Call with one of our co-founders. We have access to all of Changemaker Teens resources, coaches and trainings, along with the latest news on our Changemaker Learning Dojos.  We look forward to helping you discover the best hybrid learning space for your youngster(s) as we continue to support you throughout the process.  Transitioning to home based learning can be tricky, so schedule your discovery call today for expert guidance that is uniquely suited to your family’s needs!