***EXCITING UPDATE***   Changemaker Teens now proudly supports the educational needs of Young Changemakers too! Our learning dojo’s are now available for young people of all ages! Join us as we commit to providing the best hybrid learning space for your youngster(s) as we continue to support forward thinking mothers (and dad’s too)! We take the fear out of homeschooling by offering sustainable, ground breaking, self directed learning options that are uniquely suited to your family’s needs!  And we do all of this while also helping your child discover their individual changemaker genius, allowing them to learn in a way that will ensure an exciting future of meaning, passion and purpose!

Find out about the alternative learning options that are available for your unique family situation by booking a complimentary Discovery Call with our co-founder and Global Changemaker Coach Heidi  (normally valued at $75 for Homeschooling Mothers).  Heidi has access to all of Changemaker Teens resources, coaches and trainings, along with the latest news on our Changemaker Learning Dojos, mentors and educators. Heidi looks forward to helping you discover the steps to learn and earn with ease and joy. Be sure to book your session today!

And we didn’t forget about the Dad’s out there – Even though you may not ask, we bet there are a few of you dad’s who are wondering if a home based education is really best for your child- and wondering what YOUR role will be in the process….We’ve got you covered too! Book a “Discovery Call For Dad’s” and get in the game with the rest of the family!