What is a changemaker anyway?  The official definition is a person who desires change in the world and, by gathering knowledge and resources, makes that change happen. Sounds simple, right? If only it were that easy…

There is no question that our planet is in need of some serious change. And we need it sooner, rather than later. But how do we get going on this?? Where do we start?

Do we start at the end and work backwards until we see where the beginning should be? Or do we start at the beginning and move forward one step at a time… Do we start as a large group or quietly within our own consciousness?  How DO we become changemakers????

We believe that society will have more collective success if we all start by looking deep within ourselves and then begin to create a ripple effect spreading outward as far and wide as we possibly can. And we are most excited about our younger generations!  Imagine what could be accomplished if millions of compassionate young people took the time to first learn about themselves and then work together as the earthly visitors that we really are?

We think the results could be stunning, both for society and for our planet. But we also think that our young people and their caregivers could use some guidance on how to make this happen.

The Changemaker Way System is a path forward for anyone looking to make the world a better place while also ensuring a life of purpose and meaning for themselves. We offer a step by step process for participants to first learn about themselves (and who they really are) and then take that knowledge and put it into an actionable plan to make a valuable contribution to something that is near and dear to their heart.

The Changemaker Way is designed to be used as part of a self-directed, home-based learning environment with a facilitator guiding the young people toward a meaningful and purpose filled future!