Below are several resources, outlining career options, descriptions, demographics, and more!  You can search for options that interest you and create profiles to see numerous career options available.  Of course, it’s possible you may stumble onto a career you’ve never heard of or thought of before.  Just stay true to yourself and your “Life Direction”, and you’re sure to discover the best career for YOU!

Changemaker Careers

The world needs money. The world also needs Changemakers. And yes, they can and must coexist. The goal of Changemaker Teens is NOT to build an army of volunteers. Yes, we will start as volunteers because you’re still formulating your life directions and career paths. But our ultimate goal is to transform our army of teen volunteers into an army of dedicated, focused adults who not only know what they want, but also how to get it and get paid well in the process. We want our Changemaker Teens to grow into Changemaker Adults. People who are satisfied with their careers and the contributions they are making to society and to the world. We want future generations to be mentally stable and healthy and full of ideas and solutions to right the wrongs that they see in their daily lives.

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O-NET Online

This link allows you to enter the keywords that you came up with in the previous exercise into their search parameters. They will then provide you with a comprehensive list of the top 20 career choices that match your keyword.  You can enter your own keywords or use their inputs to research entire industries, career clusters, job families, STEM careers or careers with higher than normal forecasted growth. They also offer an advanced search, which will allow you to browse based on your current skill set or you can search for careers that use specific tools or technology.

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Bureau Of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a wealth of career information, including duties, education, training, pay and outlook. You simply select the occupational group that you are interested in (based on your prior work) and you will instantly see all the possible careers that are included in that group. Further selection of each specific career within the initial group will take you to a page that tells you everything you need to know about that career.

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The Balance Careers

This link provides career profiles for hundreds of career choices. When a career profile is selected, you will learn about duties, responsibilities, education, training, schedules, skills, salary, work environment, and more. Also, the list of careers may just spark an interest for something that you hadn’t thought of before, so take your time reviewing the entire list of career options, from A – Z.

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