There’s Been a Change…

Do you know what happens to your brain when it hears the phrase “There’s been a change”?  It immediately prepares you for action.  It gets you ready, almost like a call to action!  Change used to [...]

From Chaos to Career Path

We need to talk…boy, do we need to talk… There is so much information flying around out there right now, who can say what’s real and what’s not? What’s true? What really happened and what is [...]

Life After COVID-19

We need to get “back to normal”! Life has to go back to “the way it was”! I can’t wait until it’s “business as usual”. That’s all I’m hearing these days. Everyone wants to hurry up and get past [...]

Dream Bigger!

In this age of skyrocketing suicides, poor career satisfaction, mountains of student loan debt, and mediocre happiness, let’s do something to help our teens.  Let’s help them dream about their [...]

Help In Australia

Every time I see a Koala bear with burned fur or bandages on his paws, my heart breaks into a million pieces. These Australian wildfires are KILLING me…. I literally cannot stand to see or hear [...]

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