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Imagine an education system that provided each and every young person with a personalized path to learn, in their most natural, most comfortable and most unique way. A system where no teenager child has to ever again feel low self-esteem because they are struggling to learn or bored. A system where teenagers are not made to feel stupid because their latest test scores did not match the school / state or country norm.
An Education system that instead celebrates that their innate Genius lies in their utter uniqueness. In how they think and who they are. A place where their genius is celebrated as their true potential and their greatest contribution. A space that creates true lifelong learners and leaders, who already know that they are Geniuses!
Imagine if you were part of creating that education revolution, or we prefer to say imagine if you could liberate young lives with us…Well now you can be! Changemaker Teens has partnered with Angie Stead and her team of Genius Educators, to bring the Genius Educator Certification in partnership. I now invite you to become part of an extraordinary group of Entrepreneurs and Educators, who will lead the education revolution and move us
swiftly towards achieving the goal of Quality Education worldwide.
The Genius School four week certification program will show you, as an educator, how you can personalize education experiences and monetize your impact on future generations of Changemakers. With Genius Camps and Schools launching all over the world, we need educators like you to step up and be a part of this new educational paradigm.
We believe entrepreneurs have the power to have a massively positive impact on the world, particularly within the Education system. This is the power of the Entrepreneur Movement. The biggest need we have is to attract the right Educators – leaders like You! And the greatest value we can provide you in return, is the resources, training and connections on GeniusU, to help you and your young leaders of tomorrow to create a better world for all of us!
Join us today as a Genius Educator and be at the forefront of the Education

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Another Way: Self Directed Learning Educator

Another Way is a course for visionary educators seeking to liberate children to learn naturally. They offer a group experience for participants to meet the people and encounter the programs that help define the current landscape of Self-Directed Education. The course will consider the history of the movement, both of alternative schools and of non-school settings created by those who were excluded or oppressed. Many notable books and articles are used as the class considers some of the approaches in democratic schooling, such as Summerhill, the Sudbury Schools and the Democratic Free School movement. They will review the birth and growth of the modern homeschooling movement, particularly unschooling, and the work of those who have sought to expand the accessibility and sustainability of this approach including the Liberated Learners network. Students in the course will discover the vision, vitality, and appeal of the 21st century Agile Learning Center network, which is spreading the creation of intentional communities for children around the world. Experiments of bringing SDE into conventional schools are also considered, as is the celebration of the use of self-directed learning among people of all ages in non-school settings.
Together, the course aims to resolve our tension about institutional schooling with the optimism and certainty that there is Another Way, and that each of us can find our own path to entering this world ourselves and welcoming more children and families to join us. Changemaker teens promotes this training course for visionary teachers and mothers (homeschool educators) who may be disillusioned by the current education system and who believe in alternative learning and would like to earn an income from doing what they do best as home educators. We invite you to the field of self-directed education!

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Open A Liberated Learning Center

Liberated Learners envisions a world where all young people have access to a center based on the North Star model, which is an approach that supports young people to live and learn without school. Liberated Learners will organize a network of independent programs that share this approach, and work together in the areas of outreach, fundraising, and providing learning opportunities to their members. Most Liberated Learner students go on to colleges of all kinds: universities, higher selectives, state flagships and colleges, small liberal arts, technical and art institutes, and local community colleges. All are viable next steps. Families who choose the Liberated Learner approach report less stress, increased communication, and improved relationships. A traditional high school diploma is not necessary for success in any area of life. All doors are open to non-traditional learners, and our members prove it.
Liberated Learners offers support for individuals and groups interested in starting a North Star model program. We provide teams with a planning document to think through the major issues and considerations for starting a program, and we offer guidance to teams as they work to develop plans for opening a center. At the end of the planning period, teams can move ahead independently to open a center, discontinue with plans for opening a center, or apply to join Liberated Learners as a full member.

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