A global project born from personal conflict.

Changemaker Teens magically created itself during a particularly rough high school experience that my teenage daughter and I were plowing through. Without going into the painful details, let’s just say that she and I were not in the best of places. Something needed to change and it needed to change NOW.

Our turning point came when I overheard her talking to a friend about sea turtles in Costa Rica. They were discussing how the turtles were endangered and someone had to save them. I remember shaking my head…thinking that she couldn’t even save herself and here she was, planning to save the sea turtles.

And THAT’S when the light bulb lit up and I had my “AHA” moment!

Maybe…just maybe…if she was thinking about how to save the sea turtles, she would finally have some direction in her life and something to work toward. Maybe she would feel better about herself if she was doing something to help others, even if it was just baby sea turtles for now. I wondered if having a life purpose, no matter how simple, would help HER as much as it helped the turtles!

And so, TADA!! Changemaker Teens was born!

And it has turned my daughter’s life around! So much that we are now on a mission to help teens and young adults everywhere find purpose and meaning in THEIR lives. Whether they want to use their talents to save the world or just do what they love to do, we’re here to help them discover what “THAT” is. Because our precious teens are so much more important than even the most adorable baby sea turtle…