Changemaker Teens is dedicated to bringing compassion back to a world that has forgotten what it means to care about each other, our animals and our environment.  We are here to provide everyday opportunities for teens, tweens and younger children to learn how to show compassion towards others, therefore unlocking their ability to see themselves, others and the world differently.  As compassion grows in each community, we have a real shot at decreasing the senseless violence and suffering that most of us have just assumed is here to stay.


A Letter to Parents

Time and time again, we walk past opportunities to make life a little bit easier for someone in need. We silently wish someone would do something, but we hurry by, too lost in our own thoughts, our texts or our selfies.  Sure, we all have innovative, thought provoking ideas on how to make our community a better place, but our thoughts seldom get past the “idea” phase. 

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A Letter to Teens

I have had a strong vision of what I want my future to look like for as long as I can remember. Maybe a lot of personal things have changed since I was a kid, such as what I want to be when I get older, or the type of car I want to have, but I’ve found that many things have remained the same. Read more

What is a Changemaker Teen?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Compassion Building Signature System?

The Compassion Building Signature System consists of 3 simple steps.  Both step 1 and step 2 are designed to lead the teens and younger children along a journey that encourages them to really understand the cause and effect of compassion and kindness as it relates to their friends, families, communities and beyond.  Step 3 ties it all together by providing action steps for the teens and younger children to work together to support causes that are important to them, using compassion as their foundation and sharing what they’ve learned and accomplished with others in their schools and communities and ultimately around the world.


Why is it so important to reach out to the younger generation?

The way I see it, today’s children are tomorrow’s doctors, therapists, teachers, technology experts and more, but they are also tomorrow’s criminals, terrorists, abusive husbands, cyber criminals and crooked, lying politicians. Whatever we can do to increase the first group, while decreasing the second can only be good for our children, neighbors, co-workers, and future family members.  Or think of it this way…. We’re also reaching out to your daughters future boyfriend/husband!  Do you want someone to teach him compassion, kindness and respect now, while he’s young, or do you want  to take your chances that he will learn compassion on his own??  I’d choose the first option for my daughter….

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