Our teens will struggle without it.

Aimless wandering, wasted money and wasted time stop

Changemaker Teens is dedicated to helping teens and young adults discover a LIFE DIRECTION that will bring purpose and meaning to their adult lives. Whether they want to save the world or find a traditional career, our goal is to lead teens on a journey of self discovery that will prevent years of educational uncertainty and growing debt. This journey will  simultaneously build confidence and passion in a future that will be engaging, productive, and fulfilling for years to come!

My agreement with you:

Work the System honestly and with integrity and you will see:

  • Purpose and Life Direction BEFORE you rack up life debt
  • A fulfilling and successful career
  • A clear and well articulated Life Vision
  • A trend toward better mental health for your generation
  • Guidance for bringing your vision to life!

Participation in our Life Direction Series will create life changing momentum for teens and young adults who are searching for purpose and meaning.