We can't live without it.


Changemaker Teens is dedicated to helping teens and young adults discover a LIFE DIRECTION that will bring purpose and meaning to their adult lives. Whether they want to save the world or find a traditional career, our goal is to lead teens on a journey of self discovery that will prevent years of educational uncertainty and growing debt. This journey will  simultaneously build confidence and passion in a future that will not only be engaging, productive, and fulfilling, but will also make a difference in the future of our planet!

My agreement with you:

Are you a parent, teacher, youth leader, counselor or someone who lives or works with teens, tweens or young adults?  Are they lost and floundering with no passion or direction? Do they want their life to mean something, but they don’t know where to begin?? 

Whether you have one teen or an entire community of teens, tweens, and young adults, we can help you get them started on the way to a meaningful future.

Here’s the deal: Our planet needs changemakers…. You have the ability to help your teens make that change.  Let us help you guide the teens in your life on a journey of self discovery that is designed to help create an exciting future for them. Working through the steps of our Life Action System will help them discover:

  • A fulfilling and successful career that matches their interests, strengths and skills!
  • Guidance for deciding what is important to them and what they would like to change in the world (or at least in their little corner of it)!
  • A clear and well articulated Life Vision that will show them exactly how their chosen career will make a difference in whatever they decide is important to them!
  • Step by step guidance for turning their goals into reality!

Participation in our “Life Direction Action System” will create life changing momentum for teens and young adults who are searching for purpose, meaning and a way to make a difference in their world.